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Everything you Need to Know to Market the Benchmarking Platform to Your Members

We're excited to announce that this year we're introducing new ways that allow your SAE to choose how to market the benchmarking platform to your members. We've streamlined the signup and data entry process.

Ways For Members To Sign Up

Have Dynamic Benchmarking handle the data collection for you:

You provide contact information for your members to Dynamic Benchmarking, and your members will receive an email from ASA (via Dynamic Benchmarking) containing a link to enter their data. From there, they will be part of the Dynamic Benchmarking “Engage” email marketing campaign that includes a series of seven (7) emails between mid-November and mid-January that break the survey into suggested smaller chunks to encourage completion. Check out the SAE Portal Page for the full schedule of emails. Please note, Dynamic Benchmarking will only use this information to market the benchmarking platform to your members. They will not share that information with any other parties, and will not use it to promote any other programs. We would like to get this campaign started ASAP, so if you are able to provide your member contact information, please use the link on the SAE Portal Page to upload your information by November 15th.

You handle soliciting the data collection of your members:

Your members will click on the link provided on the landing page and provide simply their name, email address, and SAE affiliation.  Once they do, they will receive an email from ASA (via Dynamic Benchmarking) containing a link to enter their data.  This would be considered more of an “opt-in” approach, as once the member association enters their basic data they will become part of the “Engage” email campaign by which they will receive the reminder emails just like those described in Option 1 via ASA, provided they opt-in before the end of the email marketing campaign (mid-January). However, because you would not necessarily know who has opted-in and who has not, it would be incumbent upon you as the SAE to send regular reminders to your full membership. Don’t forget to view the downloads on the SAE Portal Page as it provides sample emails and marketing material you can use. It’s that simple!


Suggested Email Schedule & Copy

If you choose Option 1 above, then Dynamic Benchmarking will handle the marketing for your organization based on the below schedule and through email targeting that sends emails to members based on their completion rate, eliminating members receiving emails once they have completed the study.


If you choose Option 2 above, then we also recommend that you follow an email schedule and send reminder emails through your marketing portal. We have also suggested an email timeline in the email schedule for Option 2 with some suggested copy.


Sample Reports

We understand that sending sample reports of what members will receive from entering their data can entice them to participate. Thus, we've compiled some sample charts to use in your promotions if you so choose.

Data Entry & Reporting Made Easy

Members will have the option to enter all their data at once or in phases.  The Dynamic Benchmarking portal allows members to save data as they go and does not require that all data be entered in one sitting. Members who've signed up for the portal or been registered via their SAE's contact list, will receive emails that allow them direct access to the portal, eliminating the need to re-login. ALSO, new this year, those that participate will receive reports directly to their inbox again eliminating the need to enter credentials to view data.

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